Gravilaur Solutions provides our clients with strategic, operational, regulatory, and public relations consulting services.  At Gravilaur, we understand every client brings individual needs to us, to which we provide customized solutions.


STRATEGIC & OPERATIONAL CONSULTING – We provide both strategic consulting services regarding the future positioning or alignment of an organization as well as operational advice on matters such as performance management and organizational efficacy.


REGULATORY CONSULTING – We analyze a client’s needs as well as the regulatory landscape, calling upon our decades of experience serving in and around the regulatory arena to develop a regulatory action plan best suited for that particular client’s situation.


PUBLIC RELATIONS – Ideally, we define our client’s message before others define our client; however, if a prospective client comes to us already on the defensive, we tailor a response plan specific to that situation to resolve it successfully then transition to a proactive message.


Additionally, former Commissioner Tom Considine also provides expert witness consultations and testimony, as well as alternate dispute resolution services.